Thank you for your interest. We are not accepting submissions at this time.

Artist & Writer Guidelines
We look for quality submissions that resonate with the intention of ‘the secret of salt’ and our current theme. Pick up a copy of the journal to better understand where we’re coming from and the various type of work we support and encourage. Art & poetry, fiction & non-fiction, articles & essays — all are included among our pages.

Writers: Please send your previously unpublished work to us either via email or snailmail (provided your work is clearly typed and not your only copy). Send 3-5 poems, short stories, articles, essays and other works of 2500 words or less (though we are flexible if need be). See below for email and address, and don’t forget your contact info, SASE and brief bio.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but hope that you will let us know a.s.a.p. if your work gets accepted elsewhere. We regret that we cannot publish everything we receive — putting the pages together is an artform in itself and we want to make sure everything we include lives well together. We encourage you to continue to submit your work for upcoming issues … each journal will explore our islands with a new theme. Thank you for your interest.

Artists: Artwork should be submitted by email as jpegs and via snailmail on cd or high quality photocopies. Please do not send original artwork! We will request high resolution images if your work is selected to be included in the journal.

The secret of salt is published by Flying Fish Press. We are devoted to exploring this unique island community through the expression of literature and the arts.

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