(a love story)

Here on these islands, we are all called to love; an ongoing romance with paradise that ebbs and flows as tumultuously as the tides. We relish in its expansiveness: the sea, the community, the simple scent of night-blooming jasmine. We struggle with storms and stories of loved ones leaving for new roads and reasons to be. Rents that are high, booze that beckons, the inner and outer twists and blows while the faces of our beloved islands transform into shapes we love and loathe … ‘the secret of salt: an indigenous journal’ explores these stories in its second issue, “wrestlingparadise.”

Some days I keep the curtains drawn and drink a few beers and drift in this dream. I started writing this in Key West and I’ve worked on it in different places around the country. I can’t even tell you where I am now — some town where the trains go through at night and I hear that lonesome moan of a train’s whistle and the rumble of boxcars passing through the dark.
It’s been a long time since we broke up but I still think about her every day. I’ve been messed up on booze and drugs and prayed and talked to spirits about her. A street musician in Memphis had some good advice that I never remember when I need it most. He said when you are missing someone you’re missing Spirit.
At night I listen to the trains as they roll through town. I think of distant places, heading down the line. Any day now, I’m going to get in my car and drive across the plains with the sky full of stars.
But my mind keeps going back. And I keep writing. Hoping to free myself. …

(thank you to our contributors for making this issue quite, well … salty.)

eric anfinson
lynne bentley-kemp
brad bertelli
rosalind brackenbury
joyce carpenter
roberta depiero
suzie depoo
cricket desmarais
lisa esposito
theresa foley
katherine garratt
constance gilbert
sarah goodwin-nguyen
helen harrison
hal howland
nell husted
susan johnson
matt dukes jordan
shelley boyd malone
francis masat
sharon mcgauley
janet mueller
stanley murphy
kim narenkivicius
giovanni novara
letty nowak
reese palley
jodell roberts
tony roberts
jim savio
joanne savio
edward steinhardt
laura theobald
maureen tracy venti
barbara vogel
richard watherwax
malcolm willison
rick worth
jenny zeller

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