issue #1 the beginning …

By moonlight from an altitude of 1,500 feet I can see the movement of the tide through the mangrove sanctuary of the Marquesas. The changing tones of quicksilver on the dark water show eddies of current as it floods through the islands. I bank a small Cessna into a slow turn. It’s midnight. I am alone. To the east I can see the lume of light from Key West. Otherwise, there is only darkness and shadow and silhouette. There is life within those shadows. Predators and prey play out their timeless nocturnal drama here. I make slow turns for an hour seeing something different each time. A shark pushes a wake in the shallows as it traps a fish against a bank. A flock of birds is spooked by something among them.

This is my happy hour. My night flight is a tonic that brings forth a memory of a simpler time spent here in another atmosphere. At 1,500 feet tonight I reflect on a glorious period of my life when I dropped anchor in this sanctuary for one cycle of the mid-summer moon and lived among the fishes and birds of Marquesa.

A woman lived in a shell and was happy there. It didn’t look like a shell, not from the outside, or at least not clearly, but that’s what it was. The walls grew up in barely-there curves that tapered into a peak, soft as a dollop of cream. Inside, in the middle, a spiral staircase rose, its steps small and white as teeth. Climbing them, the woman found herself hunching, closing her shape as if to twist smaller and access a tighter fit. Her favorite rooms were chambers close to the peak, where she would sit and let the sounds inside her home swirl about her in their curious melodies, never the same either in structure or pitch. Smiling, she leaned against the milky white walls hearing the ocean’s cries, sometimes as thin as a reed, sometimes as loud as the blast of a saxaphone. One would have thought she’d grow tired of this, or lonely, but this happened never because the melodies kept her good company and somehow she was sure that the whole world could be found in them. …

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