January 12, 2009


I know you won’t believe me, but it sings, salt sings … Dust of the sea, in you the tongue receives a kiss from ocean night … in it, we taste infinitude. – Pablo Neruda, Ode to Salt

The winds of change are blowing, and as we adjust our sails, this publication changes its course a bit … from the previous ‘bound’ book form into a newsprint format. The idea is to put beautiful things down on paper (some new, some re-visited for a closer look), make a lot of copies and then … give them away.

Pick up your copy of the new Salt: an indigenous journal newsstand copy during the walk on white gallery stroll this Thursday evening from 6 – 9 and then to follow at the Key West Literary Seminar and island-wide. I think that you will really like it. (and it is free!)

– Kim Narenkivicius, Publisher/Editor

contributors (bios to come)

margit bistray

jim savio
once i took a photo on the road back to paradise

joanne savio
jasmine road

nick vagnoni
leaving key west, photographs

sandy mckinney
epitaph for the last poet

carol munder
deja vu

curt richter photographs from his portrait series ‘still and all’
carol munder, artist
lincoln perry, artist

jennifer o’lear

danne hughes

cricket desmarais
hurricane shadow puppets

mark howell
kirby congdon, poet

kirby congdon

rosalind brackenbury
the future

helen michelle mack
bahama village, we’re speaking

kim narenkivicius
bahama village, polaroid series

cricket desmarais
last mango in paris, captain tony tarracino

michael blades
cricket desmarais and captain tony

reese palley

tony klein

eric vaughn holowacz
the mango thief

nell husted
here on bone key

lynne bentley-kemp
refugees of the culture wars