an indigenous journal

December 4, 2007

1 Originating and living or occurring naturally in an area or environment.
See native.
2 Intrinsic; innate.

“This is our story.” — Solares Hill, in a review by Rosalind Brackenbury

The secret of salt: an indigenous journal is a bi-annual collection of fiction, poetry, essays, interviews & images inspired by our unique environment.

The journal explores a new theme with each issue and encourages thoughtful artistic expression. We celebrate our diverse island community … artists, writers, healers … fishermen, sailors, dreamers … and are grateful for the opportunity to live in a place where we can really be ourselves.

Emerging artists, as well as those long established, are included in our pages. It is our vision for the journal to be a container for our stories … a record over time and a beautiful gift to share with those who are just passing through.

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One Response to “an indigenous journal”

  1. heminghil said

    Just visited Key West and found journal in our B&B. Especially enjoyed Cricket Desmarais’ Last Tango piece on Capt. Tony. Two years ago I met him and learned about his experience with Ernest & Mary Hemingway. I even got him to sign my visor hat – as any typical tourist would. Sad that he has passed, but pass he did as a pretty happy guy I believe.

    How can I get copies of the Journal sent to me?

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